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One-room apartment, model A (Brescia, center city)

Apartment A
Type: One-room apartment
Size: 30 m²
District: Center City (near Railway Station FS - "Freccia Rossa" Commercial Center)
Address: via Brozzoni, 14 ext. 5, Brescia
Floor: Mezzanine


Equipments and Services included in the rental:

- Kitchen with crockery, cutlery, various utensils, coffee maker
- Double bed
- Bathroom with tub / shower
- Internal Parking with reserved parking area
- Internal Parking for bikes. Provided with racks
- Garden utilization
- Washing machine
- Clothes horse dryer
- Tools for the care and cleaning of the rooms

Useful logistics information:
- Far only 800 m from the Railway Station of Brescia 
- Far only 1000 m from the urban bypass road
- Far only 1000 m from the A4/Highway
- Far only 150 m from the urban Bus line n. 15
- Far only 900 m from the urban Underground (central station)

Main services and shops in the surrounding area:
- Cinema: far only 300 m (Commercial Center Freccia Rossa)
- Church: far only 300 m
- Supermarket: far only 300 m (Commercial Center Freccia Rossa) 
- Laundry service: far only 300 m
- Smoke shop: far only 300 m 
- Health club and gym: far only 300 m (Commercial Center Freccia Rossa)